For many, eyes are the first thing they notice in other people, especially opposite sex.

If you rank your senses in order of their importance, your eyes will make the top of the list. It does much more than help you see around. They say eyes can tell without your tongue uttering a single word. Whether you are on a date or attending an interview, the eyes can help you make a great impression.

Like fingerprints, not all eyes are the same. While some have big black eyes, some might have smaller brown eyes. Similarly, some have healthy and robust eyes, while a few others have sensitive ones. Despite what people might think, the sensitive eye isn’t necessarily unhealthy or weak, but just slightly more vulnerable to allergens.

Sensitive eyes is not a reason to stop you from looking attractive just that you ought to know about some dos and don’ts while carrying out your beauty routine.

Without further ado, here are four useful beauty tips that you can use if you have got sensitive eyes.

Avoid Low-Quality Cosmetics

Of many reasons for some cosmetic brands to be so popular over other, selling high quality & safe products tops the list. Using sub-standard cosmetics can be dangerous for skin and especially eyes and not worth the risk. Go for high-quality cosmetics rather than compromising on quality. One thing to keep in mind is what works for me might not work for you. So, why not shop around and try a few different brands before you settle on one.

Use Specialized Products For Sensitive Eyes

There are many high-quality cosmetics brands out there that offer specialized products for sensitive eyes. It would help if you always went with those products. For example, there are select mascaras out there designed for sensitive eyes. Trust me, and you don’t want to spend your day rubbing your eyes after using a product that not made with sensitive-eyes people in mind.

Wash your makeup before you go to bed

This is a common mistake that people made when they arrive home tired after late working hours or a party. Sometimes the tiredness makes you fall on your bed without you taking off your makeup. This is not suitable for sensitive eyes. You might end up with infection or pain in your eyes. Your face makeup can also mix with sweat and damage your eyes, so it is ideal for removing your eyes and facing makeup once you arrive back from an event. Make sure that you don’t rub your eyes vigorously to remove the makeup.

Avoid using heavy makeup around your eyes

When you have sensitive eyes, then applying makeup can be a big hassle. You have to be very gentle while applying the makeup. You have to be very careful about your hygiene. Wash your hands before you take the makeup accessories in your hand. Using makeup on your eyes without cleaning your hands can transfer dangerous bacteria to the eyes. This can be very dangerous if you have sensitive eyes. In addition to that, always keep your brushes and other eye makeup tools clean.

Take Away

While this is not an exhaustive list of beauty tips for people with sensitive eyes, these cover most common dos and don’ts. So, keep looking gorgeous without risking the health of your eyes. Wash your face & eyes regularly and don’t undermine the magic of a sound sleep every day to avoid dark circles under eyes.