Is your house looking dull and tired?

When you spend years in the same house, sooner or later, you are going to get tired of the same old look, which can negatively affect your mental state of mind.

If you wish for a change of scenery without moving houses, you can follow our list of six tips to give your home a new look without spending a fortune on significant renovations that add hardly any value to your property.

Declutter and throw away all you do not need

Hoarder or not, you are going to end up collecting a lot of things you do not need over the years. This is the perfect opportunity for you to go through your belongings and discard items that you no longer have a use.

Begin with your bathroom. Go through the medicine cabinet and throw away all the expired medication and other things. Replace everything else in the cupboard and store the most commonly used products at eye level. Do the same with any other cabinets in the bathroom before moving on to the shower or bathtub.

After the bathroom, tackle the bedroom and closet. Discard old books that you have finished reading, magazines, empty pens, and all those broken charger cables. Spend some time with your wardrobe and carefully decide what you need and what you wear and separate items you have outgrown, are out of date or no longer like to wear.

As you systematically work each room, you are going to end up with a generous pile of discarded items. Consider throwing a garage sale to make a quick buck or donate them to the needy or a nearby thrift shop.

Deep clean the entire house
Once all the clutter has eliminated, subject your house to a thorough and vigorous deep clean. A deep clean can be one of the most exhausting things to do on this list, so consider hiring a professional house cleaning service to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The cleaners will wash down the walls, dust and brush the carpets, wash the curtains and leave your windows sparkling.

Once these two tasks over, your house should feel fresher and cleaner.

Fix the broken furniture
Nothing screams negligence better than broken furniture and fixings. Spare a bit of time to take out your tools and work on everything that broken. If fixtures and fittings are not repaired, opt for updated fixtures and accessories, such as new door handles and knobs.
In the future, get into the habit of repairing items as soon as they break or show signs of wear and tear. As the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine!

You should also think about swapping furniture pieces, placing them in different positions or moving them into other rooms. Try putting furniture in a way that maximizes the free space and takes advantage of natural light. Although a simple task, it can have a profound effect on how your house looks.

Pay attention to your curtains. Do they look worn out and scruffy? Then it is high time you look for a replacement. Worn out curtains can add to the shabbiness in a house, a result you would surely want to avoid. Select curtains that have a modern design or have a streamlined blind to give a completely new identity to the room.

Let there be light!
Improving the lighting condition, especially natural light, can leave your living space feeling airier and more pleasant.

The most natural and most obvious way to achieve this is to part the curtains. Skylights are a beautiful and inexpensive addition too. During the nights, lamps are a great way to set a cozy ambience to the room. Light bulbs are low powered and help reduce the electricity bill while the absence of harsh white light makes it easier for you to fall asleep at night. Experiment with the lamp positioning and use lampshades if you want faded lights for your room.

The inclusion of greenery to your interior decor can give an instant lift to the house. Moreover, plants are a natural way to detoxify the air and improve air quality. Do not take it over the top and fill the indoors with plants but instead opt for a couple or so that are strategically placed to enhance the decor.

Talking about plants, a beautiful interior counts for nothing if your outdoor garden more resembles a junkyard than a garden. Mow the grass, trim the hedges and keep your garden neat and tidy to improve your curb appeal.

A coat of paint won’t hurt
If the budget allows a fresh coat of paint is highly recommended. Not only will it offer the most visible change in the house, but it can also quickly refresh a lifeless room.
If your budget does not allow for a house-wide paint job, contemplate painting only one wall in a room. When done right, it can easily make a place feel like new and draw attention from the other less exciting parts.

Add a touch of modernity to your kitchen

Renovating your kitchen is a project that can quickly run into thousands of dollars. Instead, give your kitchen a modern appeal by repainting the cupboards and replacing the door handles with more up to date models. It will cost a fraction of a complete renovation but still give you the appeal of a new kitchen.

It might be worth thinking about replacing your appliances too – if you can afford it – as new tools bring with them many advantages. A key benefit is that modern devices are generally more energy-efficient than older models, allowing households to conserve more energy and money. While the upfront cost might be steep, you do end up saving a lot more in the long term. New appliances also have an array of features that can help make your life easier.

With these six tips, you can transform your house and give it a brand-new look and feel; without splurging thousands. While the process does require a bit of effort and time from your side, the result makes an effort worth it.