We live in the digital age, characterized by the transfer of millions of data across many computer networks. As we connect with friends on social media, we share private information. For businesses to thrive, they also have to transfer data over the web. A VPN allows you to create secure connections to other networks over the Internet. While you’re probably aware of the added security benefit of a VPN, there are several other things you can accomplish with one.

  • Bypass Censorship Avoid

Do you know that in China there’s Internet censorship? You cannot access sites like Facebook, YouTube and Google. However, with a VPN, you get to access whatever place you wish to regardless of where you are on the globe. A VPN functions by encrypting your internet traffic and routing it through many servers scattered around the world. This way, it’s almost impossible to trace your real location, enabling you to circumvent any restriction.

  • Avoid Geographical Restrictions

If you’re a fan of online streaming services like Netflix or online shopping, you would have discovered that product catalogue differs depending on your location. You may not be able to access one of your favourite TV shows just because of where you located. Similarly, you may not be able to purchase the product you desire just because of your current location. With a VPN, you can access whatever content you want with no hassles.

  • Stop Bandwidth Throttling

During peak hours, Internet Service Provider (ISP) can intentionally reduce your broadband internet connection speed to avoid congestion. However, if you’re binging a Netflix series one full Saturday, you wouldn’t be pleased if the quality of the video decreases just because your speed reduced. With a VPN, your ISP is clueless about your internet traffic. As it becomes hard to track your traffic, it becomes unlikely for them to reduce your internet speed.

  • Save Money When Accessing Some Online Services

Many online stores offer different prices based on the competition in differing localities. Why should you have to pay more just of where you located? The same applies to many airline tickets bookings, hotel bookings and car rentals. With a VNP, you can hide your real location and tap into cheaper local pricing.

  • Securely Access Public Wi-Fi

There are free Wi-Fis everywhere – in hotels, coffee shops, trains and so on. However, the security on these networks is reduced. Sending your information through them puts you at risk as hackers can easily access it. However, the convenience of free Wi-Fi is too sweet to resist. You do not have to face this dilemma! With a VPN, incoming and outgoing information are well encrypted, making it impossible for intruders to intercept.

  • Avoid ISP tracking

Even when you browse in incognito mode, your Internet Service Provider can still track how you surfed the web – the websites you visited, the times you visited them, your download history. In today’s world, this information is a gold mine. That’s why you sometimes see ads, and you think to yourself, “Has someone been watching what I’ve been doing?”. A reliable VPN provider like ExaVPN will ensure that only you know of your Internet history.

  • Securely Share Files

Every once in a while, we all have to share sensitive information over the Internet. Whether you’re on vacation and you need to access resources in your home network or you’re on a business trip but still want to access your office network, a VPN helps to ensure that these sensitive resources not directly exposed over the Internet.


Since we’ve stepped into the digital age, our reliance on the Internet can only increase. When it comes to security, you have to take matters into your own hands. At the very least, make use of a free VPN like ExaVPN to provide that layer of anonymity over the web by securing your internet connection. However, paid VPN provide more robust functionality and is worth every penny.