We understand what you are thinking: “Another factor to improve my to-do listing?!” But trust us when we say there is a method behind our madness — those actions will make a significant effect in your house in the very long term.


They may not look cluttered, but dish towels have been deemed the most polluted place in the kitchen at a USDA-funded study. And the same holds for the tiny towels in the bathroom, based on Carolyn Forte, director of the Cleaning Laboratory at the Good Housekeeping Institute: “Hand towels have dirtier quicker as you use them over once every day. They ought to be changed every few days, or even daily, in case you’ve got a huge family.”

Hand towel


When you consider the stuff that you put in your countertops (car keys, email, your handbag ) it is impossible to ignore how filthy they’re — and do not get us started on departing out crumbs for creatures (eek!). That means you ought to wipe out and disinfect daily. Just be sure that you don’t use the same sponge, paper towel, or fabric for your job. “It is not good to utilize only one brush across several surfaces since this will probably bring about cross-contamination,” states Michaelle Exhume, a product analyst at the Cleaning Laboratory at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Kitchen counter


shower wall

The Simplest way to rid of your bathtub tiles of Grout is routine maintenance, which explains why our cleaning specialist Heloise says you Should conduct a squeegee over the pipe after each use. By massaging the walls, you will Prevent mould stains.



Though you might think after washing your hands or the dishes that the basin on your sink could be clean as could be, you indeed leave behind dirt and germs that stick into the basin’s walls. If you are serious about being sterile, Forte states you ought to use an eraser-type sponge (such as Mr Clean Magic Eraser) to eliminate marks. Then sanitize by hammering the drain, then filling the basin with warm water, and then swishing a spoonful of bleach. Allow it to sit for five minutes, then wash and air dry.


dishes clean

Attract bugs and earn dishwashing way harder than necessary for another day. Instead, hand wash serving utensils and plates or tuck them away from your dishwasher (without draining!) Before calling it quits.


coffee maker

If you are like us, then you likely brew a fresh cup (or even not! ) ) Of coffee daily. “It is ideal for washing off the removable portions of your coffee maker after each use to eliminate coffee, grind soil,” says Forte. “You can wash in the sink with warm and warm water, but generally the bits are dishwasher safe. And do not forget to clean down the exterior along with also the heating plate where drains can burn off .”


floor cleaning

If you cooked dinner, then face it: You probably Dropped food on the ground in the procedure. However, thankfully, all it requires is a Speedy Swiffer or shakeup after you complete the dishes to pick those up remnants — and make sure undesirable guests (*cough* bugs *cough*) do not get to Celtics.