My, oh, my, oh, my! Have I released one more write-up right here on this writing platform once again without bringing up the subject of politics? It looks as though I have, except this post here of mine will spark several feelings as my posts regarding national politics have done since it handles the delicate topic of autism. However, I have to confess that my resources of information here does bring up the issue of national politics very quickly. Yet, this short article below of mine is not restricted to one partisan denomination. It includes information that puts on everybody.

Currently, I am not posting likely to act that I am a medical specialist on this subject. I am not. My role below is not to diagnose anyone with anything or inform anybody what the magic treatment is for anything they are experiencing. Nevertheless, it has involved my interest that there has been a vicious circle of scams as well as abuse entailing “Asperger’s Disorder” screening and also a therapy that is drawing innocent sufferers into really harmful situations in which they are being manipulated and controlled for the individual as well as lucrative factors below in the USA of America.

Where this whole situation ends up being very troubling is that many of these very same defrauders and master manipulators are these sufferers’ very own parents and brother or sisters. My biggest problem is that hardly anybody on the Internet seems to be claiming anything about it. The mainstream press and the mainstream media below in the USA of America do not appear to respect it.

If you are just one of my fans and you have read my short article labelled “Safeguard Your Kid From Shady Shrinks,” you probably already understand by now that I am a person that is attempting to elevate a public recognition regarding psychiatric negligence. It is bad sufficient when a mental-health specialist misdiagnoses a person with autism, however, it is an absolute disgrace when that mental-health professional exploits and also adjusts that individual for nefariously and selfishly lucrative objectives after an abusive family member has either pressured or pushed that individual into looking for “Asperger’s Disorder” therapy that he or she does not need, particularly when that very same family member abused that individual in the past in some way as well as continues to mistreat him or her.

Now, if you are a person that declares to have been detected with Asperger’s Disorder and also you are presently getting treatment for it where you feel that you are benefiting, I am not going to rain on your parade as well as get involved in an altercation with you on whether you are doing the right thing. You have the right to do whatever you desire with your life.

I have noticed various articles below on this system from people that explain their struggle to cope with “Asperger’s Syndrome” and just how their persistence to do so has taken them on what they believe to be a fulfilling trip. I do not want to belittle those people or disparage anything they have done to boost their quality of life. However, I am not most likely to pretend that there is not this whole dark side to the entire world of “Asperger’s Syndrome” that seldom gets subjected or perhaps gone over throughout the public field.

If you are someone that prides yourself for being on the autism spectrum in this regard as well as for having looked for treatment for it, I will not attempt to put you down in any manner. If you don’t wish to read anything I have to tell you herein about my problems and misgivings regarding this topic, I will certainly not take it directly. Nonetheless, I need to be completely truthful about this topic, because there is a mass of misinformation out there that has placed innocent individuals in harm’s means; as well as if I can quit another person from succumbing to this sort of the point, then at the very least I will certainly know that I have done something useful.

I have no ridicule for any of you out there who recognizes yourself as an Aspie or an Aspergian. Nonetheless, I am not going to do anything to conceal the reality that I do have my fair share of uncertainties over the authenticity of this supposed kind of high-functioning autism called “Asperger’s Syndrome.”

I am unsure concerning a whole host of cases that mental-health experts have made regarding “Asperger’s Syndrome,” and it’s just because I have found out of several situations of psychiatric negligence in which a said medical diagnosis of “Asperger’s Syndrome” was involved. To put it simply, this overly misdiagnosed autistic problem, if it is even genuine, has turned the mental-health occupation right into a playground for fraudulence, misuse, and exploitation here in our country. Also, we as Americans need to put a stop to it at last.

This will likely not be the last time I ever release an article here regarding this same topic, since it has me so upset that it has my blood outraging. Additionally, I can guarantee you that I am not a giant which I am reporting these details here with all due sincerity and honesty. Nevertheless, I will certainly not stay quiet concerning it, and also I will not allow any individual to silence me regarding it either.

  1. Psychological Malpractice Is Running Widespread In Our Country

Medical negligence situations have become increasingly more common than in years past in our civil court system below in our nation. Rumours have swamped journalism and the media concerning physicians and also various other physicians obtaining caught committing crimes and various other outrages versus their individuals. However, regardless of that the number of psychiatric-malpractice events continues to boost, many lawyers are still unwilling to represent individuals in civil activities against mental-health specialists.

Throughout my life, I have learnt more about very unfortunate circumstances and even tragedies which males of any ages as well as some women have ended up in due to their involvement with what can be best described as a shady shrink, which is a mental health professional who has no scruples and a really little bit, if any, conception between right and wrong. As a result, my recommendations to all of you is that if you decide that you intend to go to see a psychiatrist for therapy, please do wage caution.

When you establish a doctor-patient partnership with a psychiatrist, it is not the same as going to a doctor to have an ingrown toenail removed, and after that’s the end of it. Instead, it is almost as though you are wedding a person into your family members. That marriage can either go well, or it can develop into a nightmare. However, way too many of these doctor-patient partnerships entailing the mental-health career become nightmares.

The first time that I had discovered a case entailing psychiatric malpractice was when I was on a business trip in San Diego, The golden state numerous years earlier. I telephoned one of my previous co-workers on the East Coastline to catch up on the most recent occasions in each other’s lives. His name was Robert. He informed me that a good friend and a former manager of ours, called Eleanor, was distressed since a good friend of hers that worked in our firm had actually just recently dedicated suicide. The name of the person that had only recently taken his very own life was William. I asked Robert for the information about this occurrence and told me specifically what had taken place. I will refer to each one of these individuals on a first-name basis here.

William was just 22 years old when he had gone into the timbers behind his residence as well as had hung himself. Robert discussed to me that William had been placed on administrative leave because he was seeing a psychiatrist. Also, this psychiatrist had called his area of employment to demand that they removed him from his workplace till additional notice. Robert specified that the strange attribute of all of it was that William never liked for any person to ask him concerns concerning his papa.

I later phoned Eleanor that same night and provided me with the complete details of what had occurred. She sounded very grief-stricken because she had been close to William. She and I agreed that this psychiatrist had most likely medicated William so greatly that it drove him to lose touch with reality. She and I also examined whether William’s papa had been violent with him from the moment he was a kid. Eleanor explained to me that William had asked his superiors to permit him to return to his workplace to function, but they had rejected to accept it.

Whatever concerning the scenario pleased upon me as well as Eleanor as very dubious. Eleanor even agreed that our company might have illegally gotten secret information about William from his psychiatrist that William had informed the psychiatrist in their healing sessions. I told Eleanor that if William had never gotten included with this very same psychoanalyst, he possibly still would have lived and also would have never had thoughts about finishing his life. She agreed with me.

If you review my article titled “Are Individuals Who Speak To Themselves Psychologically Mad?,” you will certainly find that back when I was staying in California, my manager, Victoria, had sent her then-9-year-old child, Crystal, to a psychoanalyst. The whole situation became a nightmare for the little lady, and Victoria, at some point, started discussing bringing legal action against the psychiatrist. Fortunately, Crystal left that hideous scenario, but she will likely have emotional marks from it for many years to find.

Several years later on a colleague of mine called Angela and her fiancé entered my office one morning. Angela told me that she was most likely to be out of the workplace for a couple of days because a 22-year-old good friend of their own had fired himself dead. I asked Angela what might have been the issue with this boy, and also she responded to me that the only info that she and her fiancé were ever before able to get out of him was that he disliked his task. She clarified to me that his job was one that had required a safety and security clearance.

As I began to think about what had happened to William many years previously, I had asked yourself if this 22-year-old good friend of Angela had obtained involved with a psychiatrist and had become addicted to prescription medicines as a result of it. All of these dubious shrinks appear to have a preference of pumping their clients up with prescription medicines that they don’t require.

As recently as summer of 2015, a 19-year-old YouTuber named Landon Clifford dedicated suicide after becoming addicted to medications that his psychiatrist had suggested to him for anxiety, anxiousness, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and also panic attacks. In short, according to his wife, Camryn Clifford, the drugs that he was taking were stimulants and after that downer, as well as he, for that reason, created a very solid case of sleeping disorders insofar as he could no longer manage it. Camryn Clifford supplies all of the information concerning her other half’s dependency on prescription medications and his suicide in her video listed below.

Camryn Clifford Gives The Complete Tale About Landon Clifford’s Ultimate Disaster Because Of A Psychiatrist

What is specifically troubling concerning Ms Clifford’s video clip above is that she doesn’t raise the probability that her late spouse’s psychoanalyst took wrongful advantage of him for his very own selfish as well as rewarding gain. She never places the blame on Mr Clifford’s psychoanalyst, when it is greater than obvious that this mental-health expert was the one who was responsible for putting her late husband right into the scenario he was with his resting condition, among other things. It appears that Mr Clifford did everything that his psychoanalyst had told him to do as well as he still wound up dead as a result of the medicines that this charlatan had suggested to him.

Perhaps Ms Clifford has obtained suggestions from a lawyer that has informed her not to publicize the prospect of a psychiatric-malpractice and wrongful-death legal action against her late hubby’s therapist. She, as well as her late husband’s family members, would have every right to use this very same psychiatrist for whatever he has and also has. If I had my way regarding this entire circumstance, this psychiatrist would certainly no more be practising medication throughout the globe.

What is so uncommon about this specific issue is that normally dubious diminishes target young men who are socially isolated and socially unpleasant. Mr Clifford was married and had two kids. Therefore, he was hardly a loner and also he was certainly not a social outcast. Then again, questionable reduces have become an increasing number of innovative and cunning regarding whom they victimize with their negligence over the last few years than they have so better back in the past.

The sad truth of it all is that more and more males take their own lives than in years past. YouTuber Joker speaks about it in his YouTube video listed below.

YouTuber Joker Claims That The Self-destruction Rate Amongst Males Is At A 20-Year High

I would certainly not question that psychiatric negligence has much to do with the above-described spike in self-destruction among men right here in our nation. The issue is that psychiatrists rarely ever before take liability for their wrongdoing or abuses versus their individuals. While I can appreciate that there are ethical individuals in the mental-health expert pecking order at the American Psychiatric Association who look after normal psychoanalysts and other mental health professionals to ensure that they do not victimize their individuals as well as others, this very same organization is certainly also short-handed to police every edge of their field of medication.

Now, many you might be asking what any of these occasions relate to “Asperger’s Syndrome” therapy. Well, I’m arriving.

The main point below is that psychoanalysts, most of the time, get away with damaging their individuals right here in our nation. The American civil court system safeguards them. The American criminal justice system rarely ever punishes them for their abuses and also crimes. Our country’s traditional press and mainstream media conceal for them by not reporting any specialist misconduct that they commit. The American Psychiatric Organization does not have a sufficient workforce to explore every one of them that take part in expert misbehaviour.

If you obtain a chance to see the film entitled Changeling starring Angelina Jolie, do see it. Because the movie, Angelina Jolie plays the function of a mom whose boy has gone missing. To make a long story short, the cops bring a little boy to cope with her and attempt to persuade her that he is her lost son when she knows quite possible that he is not her child. After she questions their actions, they lock her up in a psychiatric ward and also the participating psychoanalyst starts to abuse her violently as well as to commit all kind of offensive acts against her.

After you see this movie, you will never feel the same about the mental-health profession again. It demonstrates how mental-health specialists have escaped numerous wrongs throughout the years which a fantastic section of their activities goes unattended to this extremely day.

If you review a Quora forum that asks the question “Why do some people hate psychoanalysts so much? ” you’ll discover that most of the individuals that react to that very same question therein have absolutely nothing positive to say about psychiatrists and for excellent factors. What I find so intriguing is that more psychiatrists are brought guns nowadays than in previous years. English-speaking, developed countries now have a severe issue with mental-health professionals sexually victimizing their people according to a current report.

There are way too many unethical reduces available for the American individuals not to notice it. Deceitful people like the ones that I will certainly be defining shorty here send out sufferers their method, as well as “Asperger’s Disorder” scams, for lack of a much better term, is providing these very same people with the tools they require to participate in this same injustice.

I stumbled upon a really interesting article on the Internet titled “Jesse Kaplan: Kid with Asperger’s Disorder commits suicide after being by force decontaminated” by Brian Ball and Rita Kaplan. Therein Rita Kaplan stated her true tale about exactly how she and also her other half was pushed into putting their boy, Jesse Kaplan, right into psychological treatment and even at some point into “Asperger’s Syndrome” therapy.

According to Ms Kaplan, Jesse Kaplan had nothing psychiatrically wrong with him, but instead, he ran out of his aspect at a new college that had an intimidation issue. Of course, the college managers did not wish to do anything to stop Jesse from being harassed as well as they determined to push his moms and dads into sending him to a psychiatrist instead. From that factor on, the young boy’s life took a downward spiral. He was just nine years old at that time.

The parents, later on, became concerned that the psychoanalyst was overmedicating their boy and also causing him to become much more estranged from others. A social worker, at some point, obtained associated with that scenario and even intimidated legal action against the parents if they did not continue to send their son to a psychiatrist even though he did not need one. They at some point got him a brand-new psychoanalyst, yet the situation only went from bad to worse and here is where troubles truly started to take place.

By the time that Jesse Kaplan remained in high school in 1996, his new psychiatrist comfortably chose to detect him with “Asperger’s Syndrome” as it had come to be an aggressive trend in the mental-health occupation already, as well as this same cheat prescribed him hefty psychotropics that started to gnaw at his total quality of life. To make a long story short, Jesse Kaplan dedicated suicide at the age of 21 due to all the issues that this same cheat had triggered him. His parents brought a civil action versus the state of The golden state due to it, yet the quantity of compensation they won in the legal action did not offset their kid’s loss. Then again, no amount of money can have done so. The damage was irreparable.

The person who had made that blog post in the remarks area of the above-described write-up went by Chuckling Canine’s username. (* Note – “SSI” is Social Security Income that can gather from the Social Security Administration for a special needs.) In my simple opinion, as when it comes to Dr Yoo, any psychoanalyst that condemns a kid for being abused should have their medical permit withdraw, and Dr Yoo should not even be allowed to go near kids in any expert capability.