As a personal stylist, one of the most frequently asked questions is about the best colours to wear with dark hair. While everyone has unique styles and preferences, some colours tend to flatter people with dark hair more than others. Here are my top two favourite colours to wear with dark hair, along with some tips to help you decide if they are the best choices for you:

Rich Jewel Tones:

Rich jewel tones are one of my favorite colors to dress people with dark hair. Emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple. These colours have a depth and intensity that complement the richness of dark hair, and they tend to look particularly striking on people with warm undertones in their skin. Jewel tones also pair well with gold accessories, adding an extra touch of glamour to any outfit.

Another reason why I love jewel tones for people with dark hair is because they are versatile enough to be dressed up or down. A jewel-tone dress or suit can look incredibly sophisticated for a formal event, while a jewel-tone sweater or blouse can add a pop of colour to a more casual outfit. Jewel tones are a safe bet for anyone with dark hair who wants to add colour and drama to their wardrobe.

Earthy Neutrals:

My second-favourite colour to dress people with dark hair is earthy neutrals. These are colours like olive green, camel, beige, and rust. Earthy neutrals are more understated and subtle than jewel tones, which are all about drama and intensity. They complement dark hair without overpowering it, and they can look particularly stunning on people with cool undertones in their skin.

One of the reasons why I love earthy neutrals is that they are incredibly versatile. They pair well with other neutrals like black, white, and grey and with brighter colours like red, yellow, and pink. You can create various outfits with just a few earthy neutral pieces in your wardrobe. Plus, because they are so understated, they can be worn anywhere, from the office to a night out with friends.

Experimenting is the best way to determine which colors look best with your dark hair. Try on different colours and see how they make you feel. Pay attention to your skin tone, eye colour, and overall style to help guide your choices. With a little trial and error, you’re sure to find the perfect colours to flatter your dark hair and make you feel confident and beautiful.


As a personal stylist, my top two favourite colours to wear with dark hair are rich jewel tones and earthy neutrals. Jewel tones are about drama and intensity, while earthy neutrals are more understated and subtle. Both colours can beautifully complement dark hair and be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The key is experimenting and finding the colours that make you feel your best. By doing so, you’ll create a wardrobe that truly reflects your unique style and personality.