The Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission will investigate a work environment dispute involving a previous employee of WA Replacement Premier Roger Cook after the sacked employee declared a “poisonous culture” in the workplace.

Sanja Spasojevic worked for nine years in Mr Chef’s electoral workplace in Kwinana, in Perth’s southern, before being sacked.

Mr Chef that is additionally the Health and wellness as well as Mental Wellness Minister stated several workplace concerns emerged connecting to Ms Spasojevic during her work. Also, she was afforded procedural justness in any way at times.

However, in a statement, Ms Spasojevic declared she was “paid for no description about my harsh and also unanticipated termination” and denied she was given procedural fairness.

She has taken her situation to the general public Service Appeals Board, a part of the Industrial Relations Commission.

” I endured unbearable poisoning, discrimination, as well as inappropriate activities at my workplace,” Ms Spasojevic declared in a declaration.

She said she tried to surrender twice, in December 2017 and also April 2019, and increased “serious complaints as well as interest in the monitoring and also operations of the electorate as well as ministerial workplaces”.

” It is a poisonous job culture,” she claimed.

” There is no recourse for staffers that attempt and also speak up against misbehaviour, and also it is seen as disloyal behaviour and also violating the [Labor] Event, which in my situation is a significant organisation and also currently the state-federal government.”

Health Priest rejects insurance claims

Mr Chef directly resolved the insurance claims at a press conference on Saturday and also claimed his workplace had a “favourable work environment culture” as well as among “inclusiveness”.

He stated Ms Spasojevic propounded the office issues concerned.

” Sanja was provided the chance to represent these issues and ultimately was not able to supply an explanation to the contentment of her supreme employer, the Department of Premier as well as Closet,” Mr Chef claimed.

” These are undoubtedly very saddening problems, yet eventually the discussion forum in which these problems need to be attended to is the Industrial Relations Commission. As well as I comprehend that there will certainly be hearings in connection with those [cases]”.

Mr Chef would certainly not comment on the details of the scenarios in which Ms Spasojevic left his office.

Ms Spasojevic said her sacking “broke my heart and also influenced my physical and psychological well-being considerably”.