Shelve is important in both form and function. From traditional bookshelves to modern floating shelves, there are endless options for homeowners to choose from. However, not all shelving is equal, and different agents may have strong opinions. Here are some points regarding shelving and why agents might have certain preferences.

Built-ins vs. freestanding shelving: One point of contention for agents might be the choice between built-in shelving and freestanding options. Built-ins can be a great way to maximize space and add a custom look to a room. However, they can also be expensive and difficult to remove or modify. On the other hand, freestanding shelving can be more versatile and affordable. But they may not offer the same level of customization and can take up valuable floor space.

Open shelving vs. closed cabinets: Another aspect of shelving design that agents may strongly agree on is whether to go with open or closed cabinets. Open shelving can create a modern, airy look, but it also means that items on the shelves are always on display. On the other hand, closed cabinets offer more privacy and can help keep clutter out of sight. However, they can also make a room feel more closed off, making it more difficult to access items quickly.

Materials: The type of material used for shelving can also be a point of discussion. Wood is popular for its warmth and natural beauty, but it can also be susceptible to warping and moisture damage. Metal shelving is durable and easy to clean, but it can sometimes feel cold and industrial. Glass shelves can add a sleek, modern touch, but they can also be fragile and difficult to clean.

Height and spacing: Regarding the actual shelving placement, agents may prefer size and spacing. For example, some prefer taller shelves to maximize vertical space, while others prefer lower shelves to make items more easily accessible. Spacing between shelves can also be a factor, as too much freedom can make frames look empty, while too little can make them feel cluttered.

Location: Finally, the shelving site can also be discussed. Some agents prefer shelving in a home office or library, while others advocate for it in the kitchen or living room. Each room has specific needs and design considerations so the shelving placement can vary depending on the space.


There are various factors to consider regarding shelving, and agents may have strong opinions on what works best. Whether it’s the type of shelving, materials, height, spacing, or location, each aspect can impact a room’s overall look and feel. Ultimately, the choice of shelving will depend on the homeowner’s style, needs, and budget.