Steve Cunningham has strolled down the aisle on his means to the boxing ring relatively a million times. While all were different, they all felt rather the very same. Cunningham thinks this is one of the most distinct circumstance he has ever before fought under for his upcoming ring look that will happen in just a couple of short hours.

For Cunningham, he’ll seek to send MMA star Frank Mir loading when both contest at Mercedes-Benz Arena in Atlanta. Mir, 41, is no stranger when it involves mixing it up on the inside, but his level of experience typically lies inside an MMA cage.

For now, Mir has made a decision to try his hand in boxing’s made even circle. While Cunningham values any male that places on a pair of boxing handwear covers, he has no passion for being a sacrificial lamb for Frank Mir’s experiment. Cunningham confesses that he isn’t quite certain what Mir will bring to the table, but he is fully prepared to anticipate the unforeseen.

” We’re training like we’re battling a leading boxing champion,” stated Cunningham throughout an interview with “I have completed a few Mixed Martial Arts men before as well, as they’re uncomfortable. They throw various punches. They’ll strike you with something crazy because they’re not formatted for boxing, so it makes it weird in the beginning until you figure it out.”

There has always been one concern that receives a 50/50 response when asked: boxing or Mixed Martial Arts?

Often, the answer is an easy one. If their contest occurs in a cage, the Mixed Martial Arts celebrity will certainly be the frustrating fave. Nevertheless, if their showdown decreases in a boxing ring, after that, the odds are turned.

When it comes to Steve Cunningham vs Frank Mir, both men will certainly contest under boxing rules. Definition, the ball is directly on Cunningham’s court. Although his return consists of winning the cruiserweight world title on numerous occasions, handing Marco Huck the initial loss of his job, floor covering present heavyweight champion Tyson Fierceness and plenty more– Cunningham can not aid, however, really feel the pressure related to a fight against Mir.

With the competition both boxing and Mixed Martial Arts share, Cunningham can feel the stress positioned on his shoulders from his boxing bros. He isn’t shying away from but put; he believes everyone from his boxing community is trusting him.

” I feel like I have to win,” discussed Cunningham. “I do feel that pressure of this is boxing vs MMA, no doubt. This is my sport on my back now as well as I have to do and reveal the dominance. You’re entering my land, and there’s a no trespassing indication.”