Audiophile? You’re going to appreciate this if you are.

Would you pay $120,000 for a set of earphones? I presume it’s all family members, but still … $120,000!!

Anyway, below’s a listing of the 20 most expensive headphones on the planet.


The 20 Most Pricey Earphones On The Planet

The listing of earphones and figures mentioned below have been assembled from various resources around the internet, such as What Stereo & Headphone Evaluation.

These are the 20 most pricey earphones worldwide:

  1. Audio-Technica ATH-W5000

Expense: $1,200.

Starting the checklist at $1,200 is the Audio-Technica ATH-W5000’s.

For 1,200 dollars, you obtain a set of top quality earphones, except for the high audio quality and trendy aesthetics.

Its rate comes from the magnesium-alloy framework and 8N-OFC (oxygen-free copper) voice coils.

These are just elegant words and acronyms to most, but to those well-informed, they’re a strong pair of headphones!

  1. JH Audio JH16 Pro.

Cost: $1,295.

For an added $95 than the previous headphones on our listing, you can acquire yourself a set of these JH Audio JH16 Pros.

After tailor-making the earphones making use of ear moulds, you’ll wind up with some nice, comfy and mobile headphones.

Everyone consists of 8 internal chauffeurs as well as feels like it’s been specially designed for you.

  1. Hifiman HE 6.

Cost: $1,299.

Next up, we have a set of over-ear earphones by Hifiman.

The Hifiman HE 6’s look like a basic set of earphones from a distance or inexperienced eye.

Nonetheless, they’re vice versa, as they feature an open-back style and use a planar magnetic framework, making the earphones radiate all-natural audio.

  1. Beyerdynamic T1.

Price: $1,395.

The Beyerdynamic T1s aren’t one of the most extravagant looking headphones on the marketplace; nonetheless, they do pack one hell of a punch when it comes to what they’re made for– audio!

They use Tesla-based innovation and conventional vehicle drivers to deliver their distinct Sound and retail for $1,395.

If you’re looking for an upgrade or wanting to buy your very first collection of high-quality headphones but do not want to break the bank, this could be both for you!

  1. Sennheiser HD800.

Price: $1,500.

The first set of Sennheisers on the checklist and one of the most cost-effective is the HD800’s.

One of the most renowned brand names for audio devices globally, Sennheiser, has done themselves pleased with these.

With fashionable, excellent looks and some cutting-edge transducers, the HD800s are precisely just how you would certainly expect them to be– crisp, vibrant as well as loud!

  1. Audeze LCD-X.

Cost: $1,699.

In the fifteenth setting, we have the Audeze LCD-X’s.

With their high-quality layout and online reputation, Audeze has generated an additional set of outstanding premium earphones yet.

The LCD-X’s feature an open-back layout, with a suspension headband, travelling instance, and planar magnetic motorists.

These will make you intend to unwind and listen to your much-loved songs, podcast or audiobook all day long!

  1. Grado PS1000e.

Cost: $2,030.

Next, on our listing of the most expensive earphones on the planet, we have a set from Grado– the PS1000es!

Grado asserts these to be the finest headphones they’ve ever before made, which are not unusual as they have paid attention to all the minor details– choosing each element by hand.

Made from hand-crafted mahogany, this pair of $,2030 earphones could be well worth the investment and also last you a lifetime!

  1. Meze Audio Empyrean.

Price: $2,999.

Initially generating budget-friendly headphones, Meze, a Romanian company, chose to branch out and supply a much more upmarket item.

The Empyreans look quite awesome, contrasted to several other headphones within this price array; nonetheless, they set themselves apart by their extraordinary audio top quality, impressive affordability, as well as general convenience.

They may not be everyone’s favourite, but there’s no refuting; they’re a great all-around set of headphones for the rate.

  1. Shure KSE1500.

Cost: $3,245.

The Shure KSE 1500’s are some pretty classy looking in-ear earphones, somewhat advanced!

These earphones make use of electrostatic chauffeurs, which offer an even more full and also genuine sound.

Depending upon which way you take a look at it, one disadvantage could be that you have to use a dedicated amplifier.

Nonetheless, don’t let that place you off, as you’ll obtain some outstanding worth from the noise they create.

  1. HiFiMan HE1000 V2.

Expense: $3,380.

Just how trendy do this appearance?!

Once again, similar to the previous headphones, they’re rather futuristic-looking however make use of a few of the most contemporary design features and components.

They’re planar magnetic earphones as well as with a super-thin 0.01 mm driver.

In addition to all the other technological information, they offer extraordinary comfort– using polyester ear cups with an ergonomic layout.

  1. Audeze LCD-4.

Price: $4,000.

The 2nd pair of Audeze headphones on the list are the LCD-4s– the big brother of the LCD-3s.

If you want to spend some cash and are familiar with the high quality of Audeze, then these might be for you.

Contrasted to the LCD-3’s, you’re obtaining a much thinner nano-grade diaphragm, double Fluxor magnetic varieties, a rejuvenated style, and a new headband.

If you’re unclear which ones to go with, begin with the LCD-3-s and upgrade later.

  1. Stax SR-009.

Cost: $4,450.

Beginning the leading ten are these charms from Stax.

The SR-009s could not look like the most advanced headphones on the market. Nevertheless, they don’t require any added bells or whistles to validate their price.

They have been carefully outlining to include a super-thin diaphragm as well as a silver-coated copper cable in the cable. This enables much greater efficiency and also greater Sound high quality.

  1. Final Audio Design Sonorous X.

Expense: $4,500.

Final Audio has generated the Design Sonorous X’s to complete in the premium earphone market– which they do!

These cans are build from machined aluminium and stainless steel, and make sure to turn many heads!

Contrasted to others on our list of expensive headphones, they might not create the most effective audio high quality. Nevertheless, we still think they’re good value when all things are thought about.

  1. oBravo EAMT-1s.

Cost: $4,780.

Occasionally, you can obtain some truly great in-ear earphones that’ll provide several over-ear models with a run for their cash.

That’s specifically what the oBravo EAMT-1’s do!

They include a Hybrid Dynamic AMT driver and a coaxial layout, incorporating two drivers right into a solitary device.

Pair that with their handcrafted ceramic body, as well as you’ve obtained a winning combination!

  1. Abyss AB-1266.

Price: $5,495.

Unlike several of the various other brands stated on our list, Void is much less well known.

However, their AB-1266 includes good style homes, like planar magnetic drivers and an eye-catching visual.

They might not be worth the price they are asking; nonetheless, if you’re looking for something various to the remainder, after that, the AB-1266’s could function well for you.

  1. Ultrasone ED5 LTD Version 5.

Cost: $5,999.

If you’re seeking to spend a good chunk of becoming some headphones and up your good game, then the $5,999 mark will certainly obtain you a high-quality pair from Ultrasone.

For those that have attempted the headphones, you’ll recognize that they generate a truly good noise with a good high-end and stereo splitting up.

So, if you’re seeking to sprinkle near to $6,000 on headphones, then there would most likely be your best option.

P.S. You’ll also obtain a good leather carrying situation!– Well worth it!

  1. V-Moda Crossfade M-100.

Expense: $40,000.

$ 40,000 can buy you several points in this world, and for many people, earphones won’t be the first thing they consider.

Nonetheless, the V-Moda Crossfade M-100’s expense exactly that, and also the majority of the price originates from the ornamental shield’s you can pick to carry the sides.

They are 3D-printed, in a precious metal of your choice, like silver, bronze, gold or platinum!

So, if you wish to flaunt or look up your game in the earphone globe after that, provide these a shot.

  1. Sennheiser Orpheus/HE -1.

Cost: $68,000.

The third most expensive pair of earphones worldwide are made by Sennheiser and cost a tremendous $68,000!

Currently, it should be discussed that these aren’t your common daily headphones like some of the others stated on the list. They’re a series bit of kit and also require their valve amp to function correctly.

The chassis is constructed from Carrara marble, has a good layout feature and doubles as great damping. The earphones are made from formed aluminium, microfibre, and also leather!

  1. Onkyo H900M 20-carat Diamonds.

Cost: $80,000.

The day finally came when rubies were utilized to improve a set of headphones! As well as, to be rather straightforward, they look rather darn good.

We have the 1st pair of headphones on the listing to feature rubies in the 2nd placement– the Onkyo H900Ms.

The H900Ms consist of diamonds on the ear cups as well as a ring of rubies. They fall short of being identified as the worlds most costly earphones by around $35,000.

Nevertheless, that isn’t to claim that the sound of high quality is any worse, as you’re basically getting $85,000 worth of rubies and also most probably won’t be walking around the city in them anytime quickly.

  1. Focal Paradise by Tournaire.

Expense: $120,000.

Dominating the top place of one of the most pricey headphones on the planet are the Focal Paradise’s.

The Focal Utopias’s rubies are generally placed on the headband’s external ear mugs and sides, together with other priceless gems and gold.

If you can see yourself putting on a pair of these, then you’ll need to enter contact with the firm directly, as they’re not mass-produced and require pre-ordering!

But bear in mind that you’re not paying for the best sound, high quality on the planet; you’re spending on the wow element and exclusivity!


We would like you to appreciate our listing of the 20 most pricey headphones on the planet.

I still can’t think you can spend $120,000 on a pair of headphones. However, as we’ve seen in several of our various other most costly articles, something is only worth what an individual wants to spend for it, and I make certain someone wanted to pay $120,000 on a set of earphones!

Right here’s a quick wrap-up of the 20 most pricey headphones in the world:

  1. Focal Paradise by Tournaire– $120,000.
  2. Onkyo H900M 20-carat diamonds– $80,000.
  3. Sennheiser Orpheus/HE -1– $68,000.
  4. V-Moda Crossfade M-100– $40,000.
  5. Ultrasone ED5 LTD Version 5– $5,999.
  6. Abyss AB-1266 Phi– $5,495.
  7. oBravo EAMT-1s– $4,780.
  8. Final Sound Design Sonorous X– $4,500.
  9. Stax SR-009– $4,450.
  10. Audeze LCD-4– $4,000.
  11. HiFiMan HE1000 V2– $3,380.
  12. Shure KSE1500– $3,245.
  13. Meze Sound Empyrean– $2,999.
  14. Grado PS1000e– $2,030.
  15. Audeze LCD-X– $1,945.
  16. Sennheiser HD800– $1,500.
  17. Beyerdynamic T1– $1,395.
  18. Hifiman HE 6– $1,299.
  19. JH Sound JH16 Pro– $1,295.
  20. Audio-Technica ATH-W5000– $1,200.