You’ve most likely found yourself asking yourself simply just how much all your preferred hockey players are worth, and also, that comes out on top.

This is why we have put together a list of the 20 wealthiest hockey gamers on the planet, with their net worth price quotes and also how they’ve managed to generate a lot of cash!

The Richest Hockey Players in the World

Below are the 20 wealthiest hockey gamers of perpetuity as of 2021. We’ve used figures from Celebrity Total assets to create this compilation.

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  1. Patrik Elias

Total assets: $50 Million

Patrik Elias, a Czech-American former hockey player that repeated 20 periods in the NHL. Elias is the all-time franchise business leader in goals, helps, and factors. He has also won the Stanley Mug two times in 2000 as well as 2003.

As of now, Patrik Elias’ net worth is about $50 million.

  1. Mike Modano

Net Worth: $50 Million

Mike Modano

Mike Modano, an American retired professional hockey gamer. Modano is the all-time goal-scoring as well as factors leader among American born gamers in the NHL.

He is thought to be among the most popular and also influential figures in the Hockey market. Modano was called one of the ‘100 Greatest NHL gamers’ in 2017.

Mike Modano’s net worth is rough $50 million, making him the 19th wealthiest hockey player worldwide.

  1. Keith Tkachuk

Total assets: $50 Million

Keith Tkachuk is an American previous specialist hockey gamer who played in the NHL. His kids bet the Calgary Flames and also the Ottawa Senators. Tkachuk is mostly recognized for being just one of five American-born gamers to score 500 objectives. He is taken into consideration to be one of the greatest American gamers in the NHL background.

Since 2021, Keith Tkachuk’s net worth is $50 Million

  1. Daniel Alfredsson

Total assets: $51 Million

Daniel Alfredsson is a Swedish-Canadian previous expert hockey gamer. Alfredsson spent 18 periods in the NHL, and also he played his final year in the Detroit Red Wings.

Daniel Alfredsson’s total assets are about $51 million, making him the 17th richest hockey player on the checklist.

  1. Ed Jovanovski

Net Worth: $53 Million

Edward “Ed” Jovanovski, a Canadian former professional hockey gamer. He is of Macedonian descent and has made Initial All-Star, Second All-Star, and All-Rookie Group honours. He is among the best hockey players of perpetuity.

By 2021, Ed Jovanovski’s net worth by about $53 million.

  1. Peter Forsberg

Total assets: $54 Million

Peter Forsberg is a Swedish retired expert hockey player. Forsberg is recognized for being one of the most effective players of all time. In 2017 Forsberg was called among the ‘100 Biggest NHL Gamers in the background.

Peter Forsberg’s net worth is approximately $54 million, making him the 15th wealthiest hockey gamer worldwide.

  1. Sidney Crosby

Net Worth: $55 Million

Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby is a. Canadian specialist hockey player that serves as captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL. Crosby is nicknamed “Sid the Child”, and also he was selected as the first total by the Penguins in the 2005 NHL Entrance draft.

As of now, Sidney Crosby’s net worth is $55 million.

  1. Paul Kariya

Total assets: $55 Million

Paul Kariya is a Canadian previous specialist hockey gamer that played 15 seasons in the NHL. Kariya is known for being an extremely experienced as well as fast-skating offending gamer.

Paul Kariya’s net worth is approximately $55 million, making him the 13th wealthiest hockey player internationally.

  1. Martin Brodeur

Total assets: $55 Million

Martin Brodeur is a Canadian American professional hockey player who is presently an executive vice president of service development for the New Jacket Devils. Brodeur won 3 Stanley Mugs champions and also five Eastern Meeting titles.

As of now, Martin Brodeur’s net worth is $55 million.

  1. Mark Messier

Net Worth: $55 Million

Mark Messier is a Canadian previous professional hockey gamer and former aide to the president and basic supervisor of the New york city Rangers. Messier has also played professionally with the (WHA)World Hockey Association.

Mark Messier’s net worth is roughly $55 million, making him the 11th richest hockey player on the list.

  1. Rob Blake

Total assets: $60 Million

Robert “Rob” Blake a Canadian professional ice hockey exec and former player. Blake presently functions as the General Manager and Vice-president of the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL.

As of 2021, Rob Blake’s total assets is roughly $60 million.

  1. Niclas Lidstrom

Total assets: $60 Million

Niclas Lidstrom is a Swedish former expert ice hockey defenceman who played twenty seasons in the NHL. Lidstrom played for the Detroit Red Wings, which he captained for the last six periods of his occupation. He is widely concerned to be among the greatest defensemen in the NHL background.

Niclas Lidstrom’s total assets are about $60 million, making him the 9th richest hockey gamer globally.

  1. Joe Thornton

Total assets: $60 Million

Joe Thornton is a Canadian specialist ice hockey gamer and captain for the San Jose Sharks of the NHL. Thornton likewise obtained the Art Ross and Hart Memorial Trophies as the organization’s leading point-scorer and most good gamer.

By 2021, Joe Thornton’s total assets will be $60 million.

  1. Joe Sakic

Net Worth: $60 Million

Joe Sakic

Joe Sakic is a Canadian specialist hockey exec and also a previous gamer. Sakic played his whole 21-year NHL career with the Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche franchise business. He is taken into consideration to be one of the most popular players in the world.

Joe Sakic’s net worth is approximately $60 million, making him the 7th wealthiest player on the checklist.

  1. Jarome Iginla

Net Worth: $60 Million

Jarome Iginla is a Canadian former expert hockey gamer. Iginla has repeated 1500 games in the NHL for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Bruins, Colorado Avalanche, Calgary Flames, and Los Angeles Kings.

By 2021, Jarome Iginla’s total assets will be approximately $60 million.

  1. Alexander Ovechkin

Net Worth: $60 Million

Alexander Ovechkin, “the Great Eight” or “Ovi”, a Russian expert ice hockey winger and captain of the NHL’s Washington Capitals. Ovechkin is considered one of the best hockey players in the background of the NHL.

Alexander Ovechkin’s total assets are estimated to be $60 million, making him the fifth wealthiest hockey gamer worldwide.

  1. Chris Pronger

Net Worth: $65 Million

Chris Pronger, a Canadian former professional hockey player who is currently the senior consultant of hockey operations for the Florida Panthers. In October 2014, he signed an agreement with the NHL to assist its Player Safety and Security Division.

As of now, Chris Pronger’s net worth is $65 million.

  1. Pavel Bure

Total assets: $70 Million

Pavel Bure is a Russian retired expert hockey gamer who played the right-wing setting. He bet 12 periods in the NHL with the Vancouver Canucks, New York City Rangers, and Florida Panthers.

Pavel Bure’s total assets are approximately $70 million, making him the third richest hockey gamer on the list.

  1. Mario Lemieux

Net Worth: $150 Million

Mario Lemieux is a Canadian previous professional hockey player. He is now the owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Lemieux is extensively acknowledged to have been one of the very best players of all time.

As of now, Mario Lemieux’s net worth is $150 million.

  1. Wayne Gretzky

Net Worth: $200 Million

Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky is a Canadian former specialist hockey gamer and also the previous head instructor. Gretzky has repeated 20 seasons in the NHL and has been called “the best hockey gamer ever” worldwide. There’s no surprise that he is the richest hockey gamer of perpetuity.

Wayne Gretzky’s net worth is roughly about $200 million, making him the wealthiest hockey gamer in the world.


Right here’s a quick wrap-up of the leading 20 wealthiest hockey gamers on the planet:

  1. Wayne Gretzky
  2. Mario Lemieux
  3. Pavel Bure
  4. Chris Pronger
  5. Alexander Ovechkin
  6. Jarome Iginla
  7. Joe Sakic
  8. Joe Thornton
  9. Niclas Lidstrom
  10. Rob Blake
  11. Mark Messier
  12. Martin Brodeur
  13. Paul Kariya
  14. Sidney Crosby
  15. Peter Forsberg
  16. Ed Jovanovski
  17. Daniel Alfredsson
  18. Keith Tkachuk
  19. Mike Modano
  20. Patrik Elias

The number of these athletes did you anticipate to show up on this checklist of the leading 20 wealthiest hockey gamers on the planet? Leave a comment below.