The most popular Mumbai RJ Malishka Mendonsa, likewise known as RJ Malishka, was recently trolled for the interview of Neeraj Chopra. To understand the complete news related to this, read below.

As per the information, she shared the meeting on Twitter from her workshop. She is seen grooving to a Bollywood standard while interacting with the professional athlete of India who is 23 years of age, Neeraj Chopra, as he watches online. In the video clip shared by the RJ, it was written that Ladies. Inform me I did it all for us.

Additionally, Chopra has generated a vast fan following blog post his Tokyo success and has been receiving the end of similar lines for speaking with him since he returned. Lately, Navika Kumar too attracted flak by probing Chopra repeatedly about his relationship condition with her network. But declaring his singlehood was a large discovery for all the girls out there.

In an additional clip of the interview, Malishka is heard asking Chopra concerning a Jadoo ki Jappi with the display he claims a namaste from afar is enough.

Moving ahead, all individuals calling the interview of Malishka meeting are greatly implicated of unprofessionalism. Several indicate the type of effects that the male media personality would certainly have faced for similar activities if the gender functions were turned around. Such Objectification of a young athlete was unbecoming, and this was not expected to form the radio women, Twitter claimed.

Consequently, cringe was one of the most usual expressions that people have used to describe this meeting. She is still in talks, and individuals are trolling her a whole lot on social media sites. Nevertheless, there is no word from Malishka yet concerning this debate.