Sean O’Malley vs. Thomas Almeida happens tonight at UFC 260 at the UFC PEAK facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Body Lock is here to bring you to live O’Malley vs. Almeida play-by-play updates, live video highlights, live blog, and updates during the battle.

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Sean O’Malley vs. Thomas Almeida play-by-play real-time blog

Round one

O’Malley comes out active. Starts with lead leg kicks and body kicks. Maintaining this set at a longer variety until now, and it appears like the kickboxing spell he was anticipating. Another body kick from O’Malley. It’s all O’Malley now. Almeida was kicking back as well as waiting. O’Malley feints, and Almeida comes back with a right-hand man and also left hand that drops well short. He hasn’t found his range yet. O’Malley is rotating around kick to the body. Almeida shuts the distance and also comes with a looping hook. Leg kick for Almeida. Many expected him to attempt even more of those leg kicks, but we’re not seeing them thus far.

Halfway with the preliminary …

Leg kick from O’Malley. Body kick from O’Malley. O’Malley’s distance monitoring is fantastic in this battle. Responds to an Almeida leg kick with a sharp 1-2. O’Malley drops Almeida as well as leaves, but referee Mark Smith hasn’t stopped the round. The fight is still on. Almeida stands back up. O’Malley throughout him currently. And also, currently, it resembles he rolled his ankle? Spinning kick from O’Malley, and he falls. Almeida tracking now. Almeida hands up as well as going through O’Malley’s shots currently.

The Body Lock ratings round one for Sean O’Malley (10-9).

Round 2.

Thomas Almeida is currently progressing to start round two. O’Malley is punching more to begin round 2. He lands a solid reduced kick to Almeida’s lead leg. Almeida’s leg kick lands, and O’Malley falls. He chops at it again. It looks like O’Malley can not take way too many, even more of those. O’Malley is missing his punches currently. Yet lead oblique kick is landing well. Another diagonal kick for O’Malley. Almeida is looking better right here. He’s slicing at the lead leg of O’Malley once again.

Halfway via the 2nd round …

O’Malley with body kicks. By far currently, as well as trying to bait Almeida into tossing something. An additional front kick lands for O’Malley, right to the body. Almeida is settling into the fight. O’Malley not looking as hazardous as before. This fight may age, considering he had an opportunity to end up Almeida in round one but picked to walk away rather.

O’Malley is advancing. Longer punches now. Crowding Almeida but Almeida returns with a hefty leg kick that requires O’Malley to reset and also recuperate. O’Malley flying knee attempt as well as lands on his back after missing out on. Almeida is piling him and attempting to land some punches.

The Body Lock ratings round two for Sean O’Malley (10-9, 20-18).

Round three.

O’Malley up on the scorecards up until now; however, he’s reduced and also doesn’t look as dangerous as he carried out in the opening minutes. Almeida refraining from doing sufficient to take control of, however. Almeida advancing. O’Malley oblique kick. Heavy leg kick from O’Malley. Stab lands for O’Malley. Now he’s making Almeida miss. Comes back with a chubby right-hand man—an additional body kick from O’Malley. Almeida does not seem in it– also slow for O’Malley even with the noticeable damage to his legs.

Halfway with a rounded three …

Almeida is coming through and also attempting to land a big strike; however, O’Malley reviewing them well. A great right-hand lands for O’Malley. Almeida is simply walking ahead currently yet not connecting with anything. Almeida is rotating kick and also slips over. O’Malley allows him to stand, and also, they’re back to it. O’Malley goes down Almeida with a left hand, and after that, he tries for an additional walk-off ko. Umpire Mark Smith does not quit it– again– so O’Malley walks over to him and crushes him with an effective right hand to end up the fight.

Sean O’Malley wins by KO/TKO– R3, 3:52.

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