A highly-infectious brand-new strain of COVID-19 triggering a casket shortage in South Africa has currently made its method to New Zealand coasts.

The Ministry of Health and wellness reported its first case of the 501Y. V2 version at our border on Sunday.

Disease modeller Shaun Hendy warns that we can return into lockdown if the brand-new versions venture out into the community.

” With the old stress, if you took place to infect two individuals, now with this new strain, you may contaminate 3.”

Both the South African and also the UK versions have been recognized as in between 50 and even 70 per cent extra transmittable than the pressure that previously flowed New Zealand.

” While it does not seem like a lot, the growth is exponential. For example, if an individual on average contaminates two others, after five transmission chains 32 people are contaminated; if they contaminate three, it’s 243 – nearly eight times much more,” Hendy states.

Thirty-one new situations of COVID-19 have been validated at the border in the past three days.

Genome sequencing has identified 19 instances of the highly contagious UK variant at the boundary since December 13.

Epidemiologist Michael Baker states the possibility of an outbreak of either of these strains is fretting.

“Infectious, straight to level 3/4.”

He claims to keep New Zealand risk-free, we may require to tighten our border also manages further.