Buttercream doesn’t get its name randomly– it’s all about the butter. However, butter can leave a thick film on your taste buds and isn’t appropriate for cakes that require sitting outside or withstand higher temperatures. If your buttercream recipe requires butter, some alternatives still give you a delicious frosting. Don’t forget to add a little butter flavouring to provide your frosting with the taste of butter.


Margarine is an appropriate substitute for butter in a lot of recipes and also specifically buttercream. Make use of margarine that has an equivalent quantity of fat to butter. Some margarine has 60 per cent fat, which isn’t sufficient to stand up in a buttercream recipe. Stick margarine functions best because it responds in a similar means to stick butter. Try to find margarine that contends the very least 80 per cent fat—usage margarine in equal proportion to the butter in your recipe.


Vegetable reducing prevails in buttercream recipes as well as is often used along with butter. Whether your recipe asks for downsizing, you can replace all of the butter for vegetable shortening. Reducing does not have the taste and colour of butter, but it yields pure white icing with a stiffer consistency. Use reducing in equivalent parts to the butter required in your dish. Because vegetable shortening has a greater melting point than butter, it holds up much better to heats.

Cream Cheese

Lotion cheese can be utilized instead of butter since it’s soft and has the fat material to hold the sugar and moisten the frost. Cream cheese has a zesty, distinctive taste that will alter your final frosting’s preference. Use 3 to 4 ounces of cream cheese for every 1 cup of butter needed in your recipe. Adhere to the stick selection of cream cheese and also do not utilize flavorful cream cheese. If you’re making a cake that requires being in greater temperature levels, do not utilize cream cheese because it often tends to stay soft and can create your cake to sag.


Whipping cream creates a cosy, light icing that can change butter for each 1 cup of butter usage, 3 cups of heavy light whipping cream. Whip the whipping cream in a cooled mixing dish on a tool to broadband until it’s thickened as well as a little fluffy. After that, add in the powdered sugar in percentages up until soft tops develop. Whipped cream doesn’t generate as secure of frosting as butter or shortening as well as it needs to be refrigerated.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter can be used to replace butter in buttercream, but your frosting will have that distinct peanut butter preference. You can not make use of peanut butter to replace the entire quantity of butter in the dish. Rather change one-half of the butter with peanut butter and also the other half with shortening. The shortening helps maintain the icing, and also the peanut butter adds creaminess as well as flavour.